The Addams fight – Carla Puig

The Addams fight – Carla Puig

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The Addams fight

Since I was a child I’m a fan of ‘The Addams Family’ movies, specially ‘Addams Family Values’.

I love all the family members but my favourite one is the little Wednesday.  She has her own life style and the way she sees the world amaze me.

For this piece, I wanted to create a chocolate bust that resembled the quirky Wednesday (Christina Ricci) and another of my favourite characters, Thing.

Normally is Wednesday who tortures her brother and other people, so for this time I decided to make her the victim. And I asked to myself…what would happen if Wednesday and Thing have a fight? And this is the result! Hope you like it.

Carla Puig

Carla Puig – Sugar Atelier

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