Pinhead Bunny – Theresa Täubrich

Pinhead Bunny – Theresa Täubrich

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Pinhead Bunny

Inspired by the original art of Diana Levin Art of Ghoulish Bunny Studios, see the orignial artwork here

The bunny is 50 cm high and completely made of cake. The cover is made of fondant and was colored with dust powder of Magic Colours. The cube was colored with an airbrush.

Theresa is a cake artist from Munich, Germany.
She started that as a hobby, because her kids were asking for more and more creative birthday cakes. Ever since, shes infected with the „cake fever“ and expands her skills whenever possible to discorver new techniques of decorating cakes.
Later, she launched an online Cake School, selling PDF tutorials. The selection of tutorials covers a wide range of projects with a lot of images, available in german and english.
In addition to the online tutorials, Theresa travels the world and offers classes, showing others how to create realistic figurines of all sizes and paint them accordingly.

Theresa Täubrich
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