The ghost of a Freakshow – Nathasja Flapper

The ghost of a Freakshow – Nathasja Flapper

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The Ghost of a Freak Show

A story goes around for decades, about a young woman, or actually two, that have been brutally murdered in their sleep. This woman was known as a twin freak. Of course, the woman and her ‘slightly’ smaller headed sister, knew they were no freak, they just had twice the brainpower.. Still, with nowhere to go, laughed at, thrown rocks at, hunted down as a freak, they started to believe this. Eventually the girls decided to go to the only place where they were welcome; The Freak Show.

But even though the people were like family, the place itself was no better than anywhere else. Still they had to fight battles every single day, still being laughed at, bravely facing the cruel crowd. One night was especially hard on them. After a long day and evening of show after show, a few young men waited for them when they got in their tent. They did the most horrible things to the girls, things you can only imagine when you have not one, but two heads. The girls could not scream for help, they could not move and long after they were gone, sleep was hard to catch. When they finally did, the young men came back and killed them in their sleep.

The ghost of the women would not rest before justice had been done. Years later, they still hunted the Freak Show crowd every day. But they were never satisfied, because none would return to that horrible crime scene. So they killed every person that even slightly resembled them, in the most horrible ways you can imagine. Every night, men lost their pity lives, silently, where no one could hear their screams. Robbed of their dreams and faith in life itself.

You see, they broke and killed a so called freak, but awakened something much much stronger. With the power and will of not one, but two women, wrapped in an uncatchable fog, striking power like demons.
The Freak Show itself is now long abandoned, but the girls still hunt every night, seeking those that think they are better than them. Because something being long ago, does not mean, it will ever be forgotten. Just be ware, they are a LOT stronger than you…
Nathasja Flapper
Flappergasted Cakes – Netherlands


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