The Pale Man – Corinna Maguire

The Pale Man – Corinna Maguire

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The Pale Man

“Be careful. What slumbers there… is not human”
~ The Faun, warning Ofelia about the Pale Man.

The Pale Man is a vile, humanoid monster with pale elastic skin and has a immense appetite for small defenceless children. He is featured in the film, Pan’s Labyrinth. During Ofelia’s quest to prove herself worthy that she hadn’t turned into an ordinary human, she was sent to his lair to retrieve a dagger.  She was warned to not eat anything from his banquet table but she ate two juicy plump grapes. This woke the Pale Man from his slumber, who quickly picked up his eyeballs off a platter on the table and placed them into the eye sockets in the palm of his hands, to see and immediately set off to find and eat Ofelia.

Corinna Maguire
A self-employed Graphic Designer originally from Alberta, Canada. Corinna is now settled in the West coast of Ireland with her husband and 2 kids. She always enjoyed baking and eventually a good friend asked her to make a Wedding Cake 8 years ago. It was a hit with everyone and that’s where the addiction with cakes began. With each cake she kept pushing her limits in collaborations and competitions and is now writing a blog, offering online tutorials, teaching cake decorating classes locally and internationally and loving it.

Lovin’ from the Oven
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