“The Trash Monsters” – Joyce Marcellus

“The Trash Monsters” – Joyce Marcellus

“The Trash Monster”

You’re sleeping, it’s late at night, when you hear a noise, what it could be? THE TRASH MONSTERS!! They know when you are sleeping, they know when you are awake! Make sure to take the trash out before its too late!!

My rendition to Travis Mullins work of art, “I make the  Monsters that make You Smile.”

Edible Monsters made from Cake, Fondant, Chocolate, Decogel, Wafer Paper, Mirror Glaze, and edible colors.




Joyce Marcellus is the owner of Toxic Sweets Shop. Has been creating edible art for over 9 years. She specializes in hyper realistic food made from different sugar mediums, but can make any type of sweets. Joyce has been featured in Everyday Party Magazine, Edible Artist Network, Cake Masters, Cake Central, and The American Cake Decorating Magazine. Joyce has competed all over the state and has won from 1st to Best in Show. However, most recently WON CAKE WARS Season 4 Episode 6 on Food Network. In addition, competed on Cake Wars Champs Season 6 Episode 5.

Joyce Marcellus
Toxic Sweets Shop


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