Pip The Evil Pumpkin – Vicki Smith

Pip The Evil Pumpkin – Vicki Smith

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Pip The Evil Pumpkin Patch kid

This is my first year creating something for Sugar Spooks and I’m super excited! As chief creator and Cake Artist at Incredible Edibles I usually get to create wow cakes, such as bespoke wedding cakes with a difference or Sculpted cake art for parties and events, but hardly anyone ever comes to you and asks for something gory so I really got to push the ‘gore’ with this project, Pip. He’s an evil pumpkin controlled by the witch within, clawing at his brain. He preys on baby Pumpkin patch kids, crushing them to death. I love how the baby Pumpkin is vomiting Pumpkin guts and baby pips! He is carved from rich Belgian chocolate Oreo cake and smothered in Belgian chocolate Ganache before finishing with a layer of sculpted Fondant. The cake is airbrushed from white

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