What about Zombie Zissou? – Avalon Yarnes

What about Zombie Zissou? – Avalon Yarnes


On his latest adventures on the sea, Zissou had a “run in” with a pack of particularly vicious and blood hungry Piranhas. Hours later, feeling a bit on the hungry size, yet also a bit on the queasy side, Zissou blacked out while having a crew meeting. He woke up not too soon after, feeling satisfied. His hands covered in blood, he looked upon his crew… tore up into pieces of their former selves, he realized what he had done. He quickly came to terms with his new lifestyle and sailed the sea to feed his hunger forever more!

This Zombie Bill Murray (Zissou) was created from a cake I had already created. I had over-packed my schedule this year and time was not on my side, however, I’d always wanted to Zombify one of my older busts. Bill seemed like the perfect candidate, especially because I had accidentally left him in front of a sunny window one day and half of his face started to melt. So, we’ll call it kismet. 😉 

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