Sadistic Cannibal – Kassy Jimenez

Sadistic Cannibal – Kassy Jimenez


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Sadistic Cannibal

What better way to start your day then with the perfect meal for the sadistic cannibal in us all! No meal would be complete without having a skin stretched place mat.  A brain bowl full of fresh and never frozen fingers, toes and one ear for safe measure, topped off with still warm blood. A freshly brewed cup of coffee with 3 baby sugar face cubes in my favorite face mug. Finished off with some bone utensils and that my friend is how you do your body right!

Placemat- fondant, Icing images wafer paper, petal dusts, Food color, everclear

Brain bowl- fondant, candy melts, chocolate cake, mirror glaze, food color

Face mug- fondant; vanilla cake, food color, everclear, mirror glaze

Kassy Jimenez

Cakes & Crafts by Kass


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