Stranger from Above – Aaron McInnis

Stranger from Above – Aaron McInnis



Stranger from Above

This piece was inspired by an alien sculpture originally created by artist Aris Kolokontes. I was intrigued at how real the alien sculpture looked, the clammy, pale, almost opaque skin, his dried out wrinkled lips, and demonic eyes. As soon as I saw the piece I knew it had to be recreated in sugar.


Although it closely resembles the original piece I tried to make him more my own, I wanted him to have tons of texture and layers of sagging wrinkled skin. He is made from styrofoam and rice cereal treats and covered in a 50/50 modelling chocolate and fondant mix. He was colored using color dusts, gel colors and grain alcohol.


He is my first ever bust/facial cake and he has me itching to create more.


I am a self-taught baker and specialty cake decorator. I am located in Conception Bay South, Newfoundland, an island as far east in Canada as you can go! I am married to an amazingly supportive wife and we have 3 very energetic boys!


I started cake decorating as a means to help me pay for Post-Secondary Education and my love and excitement for cake grew from there. When I finished my degree finding work in my field wasn’t the easiest task and I leaned on cakes in order to support my family. I opened a storefront for about 2 years but given the nature of the beast and the economy it was not feasible to keep it running while raising a young family.


I have since returned to the workforce full time as a Nutritionist (…. YES a Nutritionist who bakes… we all have skeletons) in the field of Mental Health! I am still a baker and caker and the proud owner of Happy Belly Cakery, a home based cakery for my local market and international teaching blog, Man versus Cake.


Man versus Cake   &   Happy Belly Cakery

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