Tzantza Mayte Rodríguez Gigante

Tzantza Mayte Rodríguez Gigante

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Name of my piece: “Tzantza”

The indigenous Shuar tribe mummified and preserved the heads of their enemies as a talisman and a trophy of war.

Practice of reduction of heads originally had a religious meaning, reducing an enemy head believed that the spirit of this was taken and forced him to serve the reducer, avoiding that the soul returns to avenge his death. He also served as intimidating enemies instrument and as a war trophy to be displayed proudly by the winner.


I’ve been all my life linked to the confectionary, from very small living it in house next to my mother and already of more major taking it as the greatest of my hobbies.

After trying in different labor positions, in 2005 I decided to start forming and be done of my passion.

It began my gait in day after day of a confectionary workroom where I learned everything relating to the traditional pastry and in 2009 I discovered the creative confectionary where I decided to submerge squarely.

In 2011 I started giving courses of different technologies in creative confectionary though my preferred one always has been the candy and isomalt.

Nowadays I’m centred exclusively on courses of isomalt shaped


My name: Mayte Rodríguez Gigante

Company name: Isomalt by Mayte Rodríguez


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